Test2::Event::Generic - Generic event type.


This is a generic event that lets you customize all fields in the event API. This is useful if you have need for a custom event that does not make sense as a published reusable event subclass.


use Test2::API qw/context/;

sub send_custom_fail {
    my $ctx = shift;

    $ctx->send_event('Generic', causes_fail => 1, summary => 'The sky is falling');




$data = $e->facet_data

Get or set the facet data (see Test2::Event). If no facet_data is set then Test2::Event->facet_data will be called to produce facets from the other data.


Call the custom callback if one is set, otherwise this does nothing.

$e->set_callback(sub { ... })

Set the custom callback. The custom callback must be a coderef. The first argument to your callback will be the event itself, the second will be the Test2::Event::Hub that is using the callback.

$bool = $e->causes_fail

Get/Set the causes_fail attribute. This defaults to 0.

$bool = $e->diagnostics

Get/Set the diagnostics attribute. This defaults to 0.

$bool_or_undef = $e->global
@bool_or_empty = $e->global

Get/Set the diagnostics attribute. This defaults to an empty list which is undef in scalar context.

$bool = $e->increments_count

Get/Set the increments_count attribute. This defaults to 0.

$bool = $e->no_display

Get/Set the no_display attribute. This defaults to 0.

@plan = $e->sets_plan

Get the plan if this event sets one. The plan is a list of up to 3 items: ($count, $directive, $reason). $count must be defined, the others may be undef, or may not exist at all.


Set the plan. You must pass in an arrayref with up to 3 elements.

$summary = $e->summary

Get/Set the summary. This will default to the event package 'Test2::Event::Generic'. You can set it to any value. Setting this to undef will reset it to the default.

$int_or_undef = $e->terminate
@int_or_empty = $e->terminate

This will get/set the terminate attribute. This defaults to undef in scalar context, or an empty list in list context. Setting this to undef will clear it completely. This must be set to a positive integer (0 or larger).


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Chad Granum <>


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